The modern jewelery

Contemporary jewelry in quality and beauty are not inferior to homemade jewelry. In the fashion jewelry trends often appear sharper. Manufacturers suggest to wear - classical sets with diamonds, or a bright scattering of the most incredible combinations of gems. Rings with a large stone are usually worn on the middle or index finger. If your fingers are thin and small, it is advisable not to wear a ring with a large stones. Won't be good to wear several rings on the same finger. If the bracelet decorated with a composition of rocks or a large diamond, it should be pulled up higher on the arm. When choosing a necklace it is necessary to have it with cleavage.

Silver preferable to wear with graying hair and the clothes of cold colors, especially gray, dark blue, light blue, white and black. Gold looks better with a yellow skin and clothing warmer tones - beige, honey, brown and ivory. The bright colors that dominate the modern jewelry - this is a common fashion trend. Costume jewelry light pastel shades - a great addition to everyday clothes. Many of the latest jewelry collections are made to look aged. As always in fashion are natural stones of all colors and shades. Jewellery is always transforming women.

At the word European jewelry for different people have different associations. Someone still believes that the European jewelery are best - a lot of people who can afford real jewels. Someone, however, defends the benefits of Asian jewelery - practical, beautiful and inexpensive. We invite you to make up your mind about what kind of jewelry should play a role in our lives.


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