Stimpank handmade jewelery

In this gallery of copyright works in the direction of steampunk jewelry disclosed in various forms, is very extensive and interesting.

One of the themes of her website - is, of course, the theme of hearts (polymer clay). She reveals a peculiar and unusual, as evidenced by these photos. It is basically a different pendants on chains, very daring and original in its concept. These mechanical hearts are composed of different elements - the wheels, circles, decorative items made of leather. The main material acts polymer clay.

In other works, the master uses mainly beads, creating original jewelry. This is a watch with pendants. But the splendid decoration of using beads of metal items. By the way, this decoration was noted in the journal publication, and now has found its customers.

Also, original and unusual look fits in the same style.

As well as a whole series of other embellishments, which you can also have a look at.


Hozhonigallery - handmade jewelery

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