Ring of coin

If you love the money as, for example, I love it same and most people on the planet, than you will certainly have to make yourself a ring of a coin. It will be an amulet that will bring to you the cash flow. It will help you to improve your well-being and financial position. If you truly believe it, all this will happened. Make a ring of coins easy.

You will need:
beautiful coin
chain with rhinestones
thin wire
super glue

You can use a coin of the national currency or foreign. Or you can use an ancient coin, so the product will become even more interesting. The main thing that the coin had an attractive appearance. It should be shiny and not be bent.

1. Glue around the coin chain with rhinestones, pre accurately measure the correct length of the chain. Allow to dry.
2. Using a round stick, coil wire. Lock in the right diameter and rewind the ends of the wire so that they stick to the coin, and in any case, do not put pressure on the finger during wear.

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