Cuff from silver

Silver Cuff - the perfect decoration for every day and for important events. Great design and the beauty of the metal combines them with a democratic price. There is a huge variety of these unusual earrings, but they all share the originality and comfort, as well Cuff silver shape abalone and ideally sit on it without falling down and pulling the earlobe.

Cuff of silver in the form of flowers

First fashion silver Cuff, decorating eye brilliant colors appeared in the 50s of the last century, and is back in our day. Harmonious natural forms of flowers are perfect for creating feminine image, they emphasize the beauty of the girl. Cuff of silver can be decorated with natural stones and cubic zirconis - in any case they will be a perfect decoration that is likely to replace the traditional shackles of your usual wardrobe.

Cuff silver with crystals

Cool silver color in perfect harmony with the brilliance of crystals. Therefore, jewelers often create silver Cuff, inlaid with natural and man-made sparkling stones. These decorations appear regularly in shows of leading fashion houses, they are chosen by the most beautiful women of the planet for the outputs on the red carpet. Depending on the size of Cuff of silver they can be both evening and everyday decorating.


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