Traditional Indian earrings cuff

India inspires contemporary designers and fashionistas around the world from season to season. Luxurious fabrics, exquisite patterns, a great decoration for all parts of the body, and, of course, a special type of oriental femininity, combining chastity and alluring mystique.

For me, as a man Cuff will be the most interesting traditional Indian earrings. Not all of them are Cuffy - many are simply attached to the earlobe piercing. But the urge Indians to heavy jewelry with a large number of stones has led to the fact that there is a need to make earrings with additional bracing, not to delay the earlobe. And have been created in ancient times one of the first of earrings Cuff.

India - one of the world who keep their traditions. As you know, many Indian women still prefer modern clothing sari. What can we say about the wedding. In the most important day of the bride choose the traditional costume. Therefore, modern jewelry manufacturers annually produce dozens of the most excellent earrings Cuff for every taste and wealth.

The stores, offering to buy for the wedding Cuffs, prices range from tens to thousands of dollars. Naturally, the price depends on the materials. Inexpensive models are made from alloys of jewelery and synthetic stones. Jewelry Cuff can be made of gold or platinum and encrusted with dozens of precious stones.

All types of Cuff are a fixture in the ear lobe, and usually they have a suspension hanging to the middle of the neck. But the upper part of the ear is decorated by the various types of fasteners, requiring no punctures.


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