History of Jewelery

It seems to be so many years the word jewelry sounded just as synonymous with low-cost substitute for precious stones. Actually, this attitude came at a time when people learned to perfectly cut precious stones. By the way, the word comes from the French jewelery bijouterie, which means the jewelry trade. Now a jewelry understand the various decorations, materials which are used to create a non-precious stones and metals. Steel jewelry jewelry oppose the work because the cost of processed stones had to somehow justify it. So, gradually, the myth of jewelry.

In fact, it all started differently. Costume jewelry came almost together with jewelry techniques. Thus, the history of fashion stores testimony of two or even three thousand years ago, when the ancient states began to make gold jewelry. Later in ancient Egypt was first discovered technique of manufacture of glass fibers opaque blue, green or turquoise. Like today, the first jewelry jewelry not only used to decorate the body, but also to decorate clothing. In the second millennium BC in the same place in Egypt began commercial production of other materials used in jewelry. At that time, Egyptian craftsmen learned how to make art glass and smalt, entering into the composition of a compound of manganese and cobalt, and thus obtaining an intense blue color. It is this material began to actively use the jewelers to create rings, necklaces and amulets.

Even the Scythians of the Northern Black Sea coast, on which the gold is still a legend, were partial to jewelry - and then, archeologists have found Scythian agate beads, where each bead has suffered its own ornament.

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