Childrens beads DIY

Really only adults love jewelry and everything connected with them? What about our children, who are so eager around us? Of course, everyone knows that kids just squeal with delight when they decorate, childishly cute and naive. So do children's beads and rebyatney yourself to the joy. Surely such cheerful beads like your daze, especially if the child will be involved in the creative process.

Young children often like to take without asking mom jewelry and try it on yourself. But for a child can be very easy to make children's beads. Surely you have a home where are many different materials (buttons, beads), which can be used to create these fun-filled children's beads. You can also connect the child to the process.

So, in order to make beads for girls, take such materials:
Tapes of different colors
Rings for Curtains
Braid with flowers and bells
Beads of rattles.

Going to create decorations for your child. Wooden rings for curtains to wrap ribbon and attach with glue. Then gently tie webbing, strung beads and tie colorful ribbons. That's it - nothing complicated!


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