Silvers Cuff

Silver Cuff - the perfect decoration for every day and for important events. Great design and the beauty of the metal combines them with a democratic price.

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Jewelery as gift

Jewelry and women are inseparable! No matter how many years a woman and what kind of life she lives, she loves jewelry. And if you want to make a nice gift

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Earrings Cuff

India inspires contemporary designers and fashionistas around the world from season to season. Luxurious fabrics, exquisite patterns, a great decoration

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The modern jewelery
Contemporary jewelry in quality and beauty are not inferior to homemade jewelry.

Childrens beads DIY
Of course, everyone knows that kids just squeal with delight when they decorated.

Ring of coin
How to make shiny ring of coins that will attract wealth to your life.

Indians jewelery
We haven't forgotten the craftsmanship, family values and love of that era of Bar silver, gold and bar jewelry.


All of us in some degree like handmade stuff. We mean all kind of crafting like knitting and crochet or custom made costumes and jewelry. This site is about crafting the goods. Decorate your life with fun. Ancient indian jewelry generally hosted Ruby and Sapphire but more recently Tanzanite has become a favorite. Searching for jewelry stores near me ? Then visit and see what they can offer you.


It can make a difference how special a piece of jewelry can be when you decide to go with custom jewelry designs for your significant other. With the ability to custom make your jewelry, it will always be perfect and have sentimental value.

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